Born Without Bones


Born Without Bones

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You've got the kind of smile that makes you look surprised.  
Just as the sunday morning sun always shuts your eyes and 
F#         E                   B 
I wait for you to come back to life.  

I would wait months for the silence to break.  
      E                                             F#   E      Eb 
While you were half asleep and I was wide awake but you slipped away.  
Hey, why won't you just open your eyes? 
And see me next to the sun in the sky.  
    Abm       F#                    E 
And find that we've got nothing but time.  

B               F# 
I want you and nobody else.  
E               B 
I love you and nobody else.  

B, E, F, E, B 

Why'd you never wear your hair like that?  
        E                                       F# 
You've grown your bangs over imperfections that I used to love.  
So how many hairs from my head should I cut?  
    E                                            F#        E      Eb 
And how many pounds should I shed from my gut to feel like a new man?  
                 E                                 B 
Cause I've grown tired of running for some type of finish line.  
     Abm       F#                E 
When I've realized I'm not gonna win.  

B               F# 
I want you and nobody else.  
E               B 
I love you and nobody else.  

B               F# 
I want you and nobody else.  
E               B 
I love you and nobody else.  

So here's to the house that we will never live in  
And here's to our kids and the life we won't give them  
         E                                                  Eb 
I can't help but wonder that if you had just swallowed your pride 
                                       E                      F#  
Down deep with water and not wine that we would have had more time  

Give me more time. 

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