Bonnie Raitt

Used To Rule The World

Bonnie Raitt

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Used To Rule The World

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C#7 E|-----------------| B|-------5--(5)----| G|--4b6------4b6~--| D|-----------------| A|-----------------| E|-----------------|
C#7 Doctor Feelgood Sleeping on a concrete bench Can I get a witness? Miss South Carolina 1975, Somebody stole your crown. F# You were sleeping E In your happy home, D# When you woke up baby, A#9 Your life had come and gone. C#7 Now you?re mystified, Standing with the rest of us A B C#7 Who used to rule the world. Keys Solo in E Guitar Solo in C# End F# F# F# F E, Trash can on C#

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chords Bonnie Raitt - Used To Rule The World
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