Bonnie Raitt

Nick of time

Bonnie Raitt

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Nick of time

Dm7}A friend of mine she Em7}cries at night, and she Fmaj}Calls me on the F/G}phone 
Dm7}Sees babies every{Em7}where she goes and she Fmaj}Wants one of her F/G}own. 
Dm7}She's waited long eno{Em7}ugh she says And Fmaj}still she can't F/G}decide 
Dm7}Pretty soon she'll Em7}have to choose and it{G#dim} tears her up in{Am}side... 
Fmaj}She's scared...{F/G}scared she'll run {G}out of {C}time. 
Dm7}I see my folks, they're Em7}getting old, I Fmaj}watch their bodies F/G}change... 
Dm7}I know they see the Em7}same in me, And it Fmaj}makes us both feel F/G}strange... 
Dm7}No matter how you Em7}tell yourself, It's Fmaj}what we all go F/G}through... 
Dm7}Those eyes are pretty Em7}hard to take when they're G#dim}staring' back at {Am}you. 
Fmaj F/G}Scared you'll run {G}out of {C}time. 
{Bb}When did the choices get {F}so hard? 
{C}With so much more at stake. 
Dm7}Life gets mighty Em7}precious when there's G#dim}less of it to {Am}waste. 
Fmaj}Hummmm...F/G}Scared she'll run {G}out of {C}time.{C} 
Dm7}Just when I thought I'd Em7}had enough Fmaj}All my tears were F/G}shed... 
Dm7}No promise left Em7}unbroken ,There were no Fmaj}painful words un{F/G}said. 
Dm7}You came along and Em7}showed me How to Fmaj}leave it all be{F/G}hind.... 
Dm7}You opened up my Em7}heart again and then G#dim}much to my sur{Am}prise. 
Fmaj}I found love, L{F/G}ove in the {G}Nick of {C}Time. 


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