Bonnie Raitt

Angel From Montgomery W/john Prine

Bonnie Raitt

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Angel From Montgomery W/john Prine

	  		Angel From Montgomery 
Bonnie Raitt and John Prine 
writen by: John Prine 

(E)I am an old (A)woman, (E)named after my (A)mother 
(E)My old man in (A)another (B)child that's grown (E)old 
(E)If dreams were (A)thunder (E)and lighting was (A)desire 
(E)This old house would have(A)burnt down a(B)long(E)time ago 

(E)Make me an (D)angel that (A)flies from Mont(E)gomery 
(E)Make me a (D)poster of an (A)old rode(E)o 
(E)Just give me (D)one thing that (A)I can hold on (E)to 
(E)To believe in this(A)living is just a(B)hard way to(E)go 

(E)When I was a (A)young girl,(E)had me a (A)cowboy 
(E)Wasn't much to (A)look at,just a (B)free ramblin'(E)man 
(E)But that was a (A)long time, and (E)no matter how(A)I try 
(E)The years just (A)flow by like a (B)broken down (E)dam 


(E)There's flies in the(A)kitchen,(E)I can hear'em(A)buzzin' 
(E)But I ain't done (A)nothin'...since I (B)woke up to(E)day 
(E)How the hell can a (A)person,(E)go to work in the (A)mornin' 
(E)Come home in the(A)evenin', and have (B)nothin' to (E)say 


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