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I Hold Her Chords

Bonnie McKee

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by robepoiel

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I Hold Her

Intro: (E B/Eb A) 2x 

Verso 1: 
   E         B/Eb 
Smokey is my apple 
And green are my eyes 
E          B/Eb 
Silent is snowfall 
I whispher goodbye 
    C#m         B 
Farewell to the child 
That I use to be 
I hold her she's 
B          A E/G# F#m E 
sobbing My baby 

(E F#m A A) 

Verso 2: 
    E            B 
The wolf and the lion 
Have asked me to play 
Though she told me 
B        A 
not to I went anyway 
  C#m     B 
A pile of matches 
The truth at my feet 
I hold her she's 
B          A 
sobbing My baby 

C#m B The cream in my tea A Spells out something E A to me And they say That I'll heal by the day C#m B But the message I give A E Kills off all will to live A I'm afriad that I'm losing my way
(E B A) 2x (C#m B A E B A A) Verso 3: E B/Eb Burning in heaven A My destiny lies E B/Eb When she read my stars A She didn't mention that night C#m B I loved you my Bambi A I don't want to leave E But I hold her B A E/G# F#m E she's sobbing My baby Outro: E B I hold her she's sobbing A I hold her she's sobbing E I hold her she's B A E B A C#m B/Eb A sobbing My baby E B A E B A E B A C#m B A

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