Boney M

Rivers Of Babylon

Boney M

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Rivers Of Babylon

Year: 2006 - Album: Magic of Boney M.

	  		Intro: C G7 C G7 C 
By the rivers of Babylon, where we sat down  
        G7                                                        C 
and where we went when we remember zion.(2x) 
 C                                           G7      C                               G7 
But the wicked carried us away, captivity, require from us a song,  
          C                                   G7                          C 
now how shall we sing the lords song in a strange land. 
By the rivers........... 
C                                      G7            C                                G7               C               
So that the words of our mouth and the meditation of our heart, be acceptable  
               G7            C 
in thy sight, here tonight. 
by the rivers........ 


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