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In these arms Chords

Bon Jovi

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In these arms

Year: 1992 - Album: Keep the Faith

  		Intro: (E) (A) (E) (A) 

Riff 1 (Utilizar em todos os versos que tem E e A como acorde)

   E           A

You want com(E)mitment take a (A) look into these eyes
They burn with a (E) fire for you now (A) until the end of time 
I would do (C#m) anything I'd beg, I'd steal, (A)I'd die 
To have you (B)in these arms (E)tonight 

Baby I (E) want you like the (A) roses want the rain
You know I (E) need you like a (A) poet needs the pain 
I would give (C#m) anything my blood my love (A) my life 
If you were (B) in these arms (E)tonight 
(E)I'd hold you I'd (B)need you (C#m) I'd get down (A)on my knees for (E)you 
And make (C#m) everything all (B) right If you were (A) in these arms 
(E)I'd love you (B)I'd please you (C#m) I'd tell you that I'd (A) never leave you 
(E)And love you (C#m) till the end of (B)time if you were (A)in these arms tonight

We stared at the (E) sun and we made a (A)promise 
A promise this (E)world would never (A)blind us 
These are our (C#m) words our words were our (A) songs 
Our songs are our (C#m)prayers these prayers keep me strong 
And I still (A) believe if you were (B) in these arms tonight 


Your (B)clothes are still scattered all over our room 
The (A)whole place still smells like your cheap perfume 
(B)Everything here reminds me of you 
(A)And there's nothing that I wouldn't do 
(Solo ? E B C#m A E B F#m B) 
And these were our (C#m)words they keep me strong (A) baby


Contribuição: Wagner Guterres([email protected])

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