Bomb The Music Industry

Snow Charges

Bomb The Music Industry

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Snow Charges


There's a patch of ice shimmering under the sky 
On the south corner of Bushwick on the residential side 
    C    C/B    Am7                   G       D 
And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'm afraid I'll slip 

Most day when it's cloudy and all night i stay inside 
But it's 2:30 on new years day and outside it's looking bright 
    C    C/B    Am7                    G 
And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii could use some chips 
      D            C 
And a bottle of soda 
      D                C   D 
For my quest to rescue Zelda 

Trying to be brave I touched the puddle to my tongue 

And within a millisecond the bottom of my face went numb 
      C    C/B    Am7                      G    D 
And no one on the street knew anything was wrong 

So, I tried to move my arms to find that they were frozen too 

And i tried to run away, my legs felt like they were stuck in glue 
    C    C/B    Am7                        G 
And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii started to hear a storm 
           D                       C 
Through my ears poured freezing rain 
          D              C   D 
And it froze my freezing brain 

A handful of neighbors gathered underneath the awning 
Of the laundromat 200 feet from the front door of my building 
And it smacked my like a pinball 
And it crushed me like a wrecking ball 
       Em                               C              D 
I was swallowed by a cold duvet and the kids are gonna have a 

G   Em   C  G   D  
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh x2 

I couldn't bear to find out how the story was gonna end 
So I shut my eyes and went to sleep and no one found me dead 
       C  C/B    Am7                    G    D 
'Cause everybody stayed inside 'til March 

And a patch of flowers grew out of the concrete where I lied 
Some boy picked a dandelion to give to a girl he liked 
    C        C/B   Am7                         G 
And she gave him a kiss That warmed his lonely heart 
         D               C 
Now they hold each other tight 
         D            C 
And stay in on winter nights 

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