Bobby Vee

Run to Him

Bobby Vee

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Run to Him

(Gerry Goffin and Jack Keller)

	  		peak Billboard position # 2 in 1961 
G / / / 2 / / / 
If you've found another guy who 
Satisfies you more than I do 
Cm          D7           G 
Run to him;   I'll step aside 
If you think his lips can kiss you 
Better than my lips can kiss you 
Cm          D7           G 
Run to him;   forgive my pride 
If someone else's arms can hold you 
Better than my arms can hold you 
G             C                      G   D7 
Go to him and show to him all your devo--tion 
If somebody else can make you 
Happier than I can make you 
Cm          D7              G 
Run to him;   my tears will dry 
If you feel you want to go, dear 
I'd be more than glad to go, dear 
Love you till your life is done 
But darling, if I'm not the one 
     D   D7 G 
Then run to him 

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