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San Antonio Rose 2 Chords

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San Antonio Rose 2

	  Rose Of San Antone 
(G)Deep within my heart, lies a (C)melo(A7)dy 
a (D)song of old San Ant(G)one. 
Where in dreams I live with a (C)mem(A7)ory 
ben(D)eath the stars all (G)alone. 
It was there I found, (C)beside the (A7)Alamo 
(D)enchantment strange as the (G)blue up above 
a moonlit (G7)pass that (C)only she would (A7)know. 
Still (D)hears my broken song of (G)love 
(D)Moon in all your splendor 
Know (A7)only my heart 
Call back my rose, Rose of (D)San Antone 
Lips so sweet and tender 
Like (A7)petals fallin' apart 
Speak once again of my (D)love, my (D7)own 
(G)Broken song, empty (C)words I (A7)know 
That (D)live in my heart all (G)alone 
For that moonlit path (C)beside the (A7)Alamo
And (D)Rose, my Rose of San (G)Antone.

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