Bob Dylan

Soon After Midnight Chords

Bob Dylan

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by alyslima

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Soon After Midnight

| A    A6 A | E    E6 E | 
| A    A6 A | E    E6 E | 

A                 A6  A  
 I?m searching for phrases 
D            D6  D  
 To sing your praises 
A                 | D    D6 D | 
 I need to tell someone 
A                F#m7 
 It?s soon after midnight 
D       E             | A    A6 A | E    E6 E | 
 And my day has just begun 

A           A6  A  
 A gal named Honey 
D       D6  D  
 Took my money 
A              | D    D6 D | 
 She was passing by 
A                F#m7 
 It?s soon after midnight 
D        E           | A    A6 A | A A7 | 
 And the moon is in my eye 

Middle 8 
D                     A 
 My heart is cheerful, it?s never fearful 
D                          | A    C#m/A Bm/A | 
 I been down on the killing floors 
D                      A 
 I?m in no great hurry, I?m not afraid of your fury 
D           A                   E 
 I've faced stronger walls than yours 

A              A6  A  
 Charlotte?s a harlot 
D           D6  D  
 Dresses in scarlet 
A               | D    C#m Bm | 
 Mary dresses in green 
A                F#m7 
 It?s soon after midnight 
D               E           | A    C#m/A Bm/A | E | 
 And I?ve got a date with a fairy queen 

| A | D | A | D E | 
| A F#m7 | D E | 
| A    C#m/A Bm/A | A A7 | 

Middle 8 
D                            A 
 They chirp and they chatter, what does it matter 
D                                   | A    C#m/A Bm/A | 
 They?re lying there dying in their blood 
D                A 
 Two Timing Slim, who?s ever heard of him 
D              A                | E    E6 E | 
 I?ll drag his corpse through the mud 

 It?s now or never 
 More than ever 
A                        D 
 When I met you I didn?t think you would do 
A                F#m7 
 It?s soon after midnight 
D            E       A  
 And I don?t want nobody but you 

| A    C#m/A Bm/A | A 

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