Blue Rodeo

Til I Can Gain Control

Blue Rodeo

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Til I Can Gain Control

	  		Til I Can Gain Control Again  {As Performed By Blue Rodeo} 
Written by Rodney Crowell. 
Published by Jolly Cheeks Music (BMI) 
Music transcribed by Darragh Egan  
from the CD, "Five Days In July" - 1993, Blue Rodeo Productions/WEA 
Lyrics taken from an old OLGA transcription, with credit due to: 
[email protected] (Drake Hirasawa) and 
[email protected] (Richard Tarkka) 
What's that? Your "E" chord doesn't sound like a Blue Rodeo "E" chord? 
Check the notes at the bottom of the page to find out why. 
INTRO:    | E   E4  | E   E4  | E   E4  | E   E4  || 
E             B7           E        E 
Just like the sun over the mountain tops 
A             A            E        E 
You know I'll always come again 
A          A                E    E 
You know I love to spend my mornings 
B7            B7              E         E 
Like sunlight dancing on your skin 
E                  B7                   E       E 
I've never gone so wrong as for telling lies to you 
A        A             E      E 
What you see is what I am 
A        A               E         E 
There is nothing I could hide from you 
E          B7            E         E 
You see me better than I can 
A A E E Out on the road that lies before me now A A E E There are some turns where I will spin A A E E I only hope that you can hold me now B7 B7 E E Til I can gain control again
{INSTRUMENTAL VERSE} And like a lighthouse, you must stand alone Landmark a safe journey's end No matter what sea I've been sailing on I'll always come back home again. {REPEAT CHORUS} OUTRO: A A E E I only hope that you can hold me now B7 B7 E E Til I can gain control again |A |A |E |E |B7 |B7 |E |E {stop} Blue Rodeo make liberal use of suspended chords. It adds flavour to the song, especially if you are playing it solo on an acoustic guitar. In this song, the E4 chord pops up everywhere (aside from where it's noted in the intro). Here's one way to play a bar of E while incorporating this embellishment. I use this all through the song, particularly in the first bar of two consecutive bars of E. I tend to play a straight E chord in a bar leading up to a B7 chord, and sometimes in the bars leading up to A chords. Throw it in wherever it feels comfortable for you. ie. At the asterisk, hammer your pinky finger on to the third string/second fret to create an E4 chord.

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