Blue Rodeo

Head Over Heels

Blue Rodeo

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Head Over Heels

	  		INTRO:    A    A    A    A 
A                                    Bm 
Sun breaks, I can't wait til I'll be on my way again. 
    E                                         A 
I'm sick and tired of waiting with nothing to do. 
Watching the rain through a crack in the window, 
It's the little things that get you through; 
         E                                    A 
Like the same sun rising on me as rising over you. 
BRIDGE:   F#m         D            A            E 
          Walking and talking like birds in the sky; 
          F#m           D            A              E 
          You tell your secrets, how gracefully you lie. 
CHORUS:       A                  E 
          Oh, that's the way you come to me, 
              F#m                     D 
          I'm head over heels and I'm always gonna be. 
          A              E                        A       A 
          That's okay, I love the way you come to me. 
I guess I'm tempting fate, a little too long it seems. 
Walking in this heat is just like floating in a dream. 
I've been torn apart, put back together 
With a couple of pieces in wrong. 
I'm holding up now, oh, but I won't be for long. 
BRIDGE:   Tossing and turning like waves in the sea; 
          You show myself to me, you let me down easily. 
CHORUS, then:  F#m  D   A   E      F#m  D   A   E     A  A  A  A 
Well, I know one night together won't make up for ten apart. 
I'm as steady as rain, nothing ever changes in my heart. 
Throw off the covers, open the windows, 
I don't care what we do; 
I've been standing for days, now I want to fall down with you. 
BRIDGE:   Tossing and turning like waves in the sea; 
          You show yourself to me, you lie so easily. 
OUTRO:    F#m  D   A   E      F#m  D   A   E 
          A    E   F#m D      A    E   A   A 

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