Blue Highway

The One I Left Behind

Blue Highway

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The One I Left Behind

Capo on 2nd fret
Intro - C G D G 
Chorus: G            C          G 
        Buddy can we talk about Virginia 
        C              G                               D 
        Talk about the Blue Rigde and the ol' lonesome pine 
                          C          G 
        Tell me 'bout the Shenandoah Valley 
            C               G             D          G 
        And don't forget my true love the one I left behind 
Verse:  Em        G 
        I used to make a decent living 
        C                  G                              D 
        Plowin' fields and raisin' cattle on that farm of mine 
        Em                 G   
        Now I'm stuck here in this mighty city 
                                                     D      G 
        Sweepin' floors and cleanin' windows just to buy my wine 
Break:  Chorus Chords 
Verse:  I built a home and family in the coal fields 
        Diggin' black diamond from an island creek mine 
        But now I'm so alone here in this city 
        And I dream about my darlin' wife she always on my mind 
Break:  Verse Chords 

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