Blind Guardian

To France

Blind Guardian

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To France

Year: 1996 - Album: Tailes from the Twilight World

Original by Mike Oldfield 
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(Intro:) Bm A F#m A Bm |------------7-5-|-----------------|-----------7-9-|--------------| |--------5-7-----|-------5-7-------|-------3-5-----|-------5------| |--4h6-7---------|-4h6-7-----6h7-6-|-2h4-5---------|-4h6-7---6-4--| |----------------|-----------------|---------------|--------------| |----------------|-----------------|---------------|--------------| |----------------|-----------------|---------------|--------------|
Bm A F#m Takin' on water, sailin' a restless sea Bm C#m D E Bm From a memory, a fantasy A F#m The wind carries into white water Far from the Islands Bm C#m D E Don't you know you're F#m E G#m F#m D Nev-er going to get to France E F#m Mary Queen of Chance will they find you F#m E G#m F#m D Nev-er going to get to France E F#m Could a new romance ever bind you Walkin' in foreign grounds like a shadow Roaming in far off territory Over your shoulder stories unfold You're searching for sanctuary you know you're Never going to get to France... D C#m D E I see a picture by the lamp's flicker D C#m D E Isn't it strange how dreams fade and shimmer? Never going to get to France...
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Solo w/Intro chords |--2-0----------------0-2-3-2-0-|------2--0-----2----0---0--| |------3--2--0--0-2-3-----------|--3-2-------3---------3----| |-------------------------------|---------------------------| |-------------------------------|---------------------------| |-------------------------------|---------------------------| |-------------------------------|---------------------------| |------0-5-0---------------------|---------2--0--3--2--5--3--| |--2-3-------3-2-3-2-0-2--0------|--0-2-3--------------------| |---------------------------2-2--|---------------------------| |--------------------------------|---------------------------| |--------------------------------|---------------------------| |--------------------------------|---------------------------|
_______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Franklin Lima([email protected])

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