Blind Guardian

Lord Of The Rings

Blind Guardian

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Lord Of The Rings

Year: 1990 - Album: Tailes from the Twilight World

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eb|---------------------------0-----------------------------------------------| Bb|---0-------------------0-----0-------------------0-------0-----------------| Gb|-----0---------0-----0---3-----0---------0-----0---2---2-------------------| Db|-------0-----0-----3-------------0-----0-----4-------4---------------------| Ab|-----------2-----1-------------------2-----2-------------------------------| Eb|-0-------3-----------------0-------3---------------------------------------| eb|-0-----------------------------------------------0-------------------------| Bb|---0-------------------0---------5-3-----------1---1-0---------------------| Gb|-----0---------0-----0---3-----5-----5-4-0---2-----------------------------| Db|-------0-----0-----3---------5---------------------------------------------| Ab|-----------2-----1---------3---------------0-------------------------------| Eb|-0-------3-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Am G There are signs on the ring C Em Which make me feel so down Am C G Em There's one to enslave all rings to find them all in time Am C And drive them into darkness G Em Forever they'll be Am Bound Am Em Three for the king's G B Of the elves high in light C Nine to the mortal Am Which cry Em D Bm C I'll keep the ring full of sorrow Em D Bm C I'll keep the ring till a die
Em D Bm C Slow down and I'll sail on the river Em D Bm C Slow down and I'll walk through the hills
D Am And there's no way out for Am C Am Mordooor F Dark land under Sauron spell Threated a long time F Em Seven rings to the dwarves in their homes made of stone Into the valley Em G Em One ring to the dark Lord D sitting on his throne C D In a land so dark Bm C where I have to go I'll keep the ring I'll keep the ring till I Repete Refrão D Am

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