Blind Guardian

Bright Eyes

Blind Guardian

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Bright Eyes

Year: 1995 - Album: Imaginations From the Other Side

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Intro (4 times) Asus2 F(b5) C ||---------------------------------|| ||-----0-----0-----1---------------|| ||*----2-----2-----0--------------*|| ||*----2-----3-----2--------------*|| ||--0-----0-----0--3--2--3--2--1---|| ||---------------------------------|| Am Am Asus4 Am Fool just another fool just another fool just another fool... Am Asus4 Am Am Asus4 Am I've been waiting for signs of God - Create - Enslaved - Behaved Asus2 ||--------------------------------|| ||-------------------0------------|| ||*------------------2-----------*|| ||*------------------2-----------*|| ||--0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0---------------|| ||--------------------------------|| I'm out of cont- rol get lost in a Riff (4 times) ||---------------------|| ||---------------------|| ||*---------2-0-------*|| ||*-2-3-0-2-----3-2---*|| ||---------------------|| ||---------------------||
cold world Am C G Em Leave me alone isolation bears hope F D There's something else waiting a promised destiny Am C G Em Freezing me I feel restless and low F D G These days full of shadows had joyfully changed into fear F G Am My freakshow will start tonight F G Am D Don't miss the right time Am F G Am Bright Eyes blinded by fear of life F G Am No Merlin is by my side C D And it grabbed inside F G Bm It possessed and frayed my mind G A Bm The Lord of Darkness takes my soul G A E Bm E G And when I left the light it seems so easy E Bm E G Everything's out of control Hey mother stubborn I really hate you If you say yes I will say no Ashes to ashes and dust won't be dust If you go there I will go back Am F G Am Bright Eyes blinded by fear of light F G Am D Betrayed by sunlight Am F G Am Bright Eyes blinded by fear of life F G Am No Merlin is by my side Hey father stubborn You're ying and I'm young I feel alone, who really cares ? Born into ashes to lose all the games With a smiling face, a smiling face Bright Eyes blinded by fear of light And dark Dragons ride Bright Eyes blinded by fear of life No Merlin is by my side Am F Am F So I sit still in my room Winter's here in Summer season Am F Am F G Am Shall I say I was wrong if I'm right , and farewell to my final hope _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Carlos Eduardo Neves de Carvalho([email protected])

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