Travelin Man


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Travelin Man

Capo on 2nd fret

Intro:  F#m, D, E  (repeat this twice, then pick up the pace) 

F#m                 D              E 
I've got the western stars to guide me 
F#m                 D              E 
Dixie sweet and low all night long 
F#m                 D              E 
I can hear those fiddles high above me 
F#m         D              E 
A woman smiles as I sing my song 

F#m                 D              E 
I've stood in line I've earned my keep 
F#m              D                      E 
But I can't stop for my destiny 
F#m                 D              E 
A neon sign calls me to sleep 
F#m                 D              E 
But I'm wide awake so I roll on 

A E F#m D Travelin' man, ride as far as I can stand A E F#m My moma cries for the life I choose A E F#m D I need a beer but it's too damn far away from here A E D And I have no time to sing the blues.
F#m D E And i know i drink more than i should F#m D E but i cant slow down for my destiny F#m D E lord knows i'd stop if i could F#m D E but the saints of old lift their glass to me Chorus

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