Black Sea Dahu

Big Mouth

Black Sea Dahu

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Big Mouth

Capo on 5th fret

A                 A7M 
Oh today I won't be thinkin' about you 
           A7                      A7M 
I'll get by on someone else's love 
A                   A7M                         A7          D 
Oh today you won't be hearing from me cause I am high on music 
                   A            A7M     A7 
I'm nowhere within reach for you 
A                 A7M 
Oh today I'll push away my tears 
           A7                   A7M         A7 
And I'll watch you wash beer into your big 
            A7M    A7    A7M 
Your big mouth 
A                 A7M 
I'm standing on the balcony 
           A7                      A7M 
And I can hear you sweet talk her into making out with you 
A                   A7M                         A7           
Oh I can't believe you got through and broke my heart in two 
Time and again 
A                   A7M                         A7           
Now the skies are dark and I won't ever feel the same 
                 A         A7M        A7     A7M 
Well not for you 
A                   A7M                         A7           
I'm feeling blue and the world is coal 
A                   A7M                         A7           
Man I don't know you anymore but go on all night 

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