Black Sabbath

Iron Man

Black Sabbath

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Iron Man

Year: 1989 - Album: Paranoid

Written by Terence Michael Butler/Anthony Frank Iommi/John Osbourne/W T Ward

	  		Iron Man 

G5 A#5 C5 (D#5 D5) A#5 C5 
(Siga pelos baixos dos acordes que fica bem mais fácil) 

Has he lost his mind? 
Can he see or is he blind? 
Can he walk at all, 
Or if he moves will he fall? 
Is he alive or dead? 
Has he thoughts within his head? 
We'll just pass him there 
why should we even care? 


G5 A#5 C5 (D#5 D5) A#5 C5 

  He was turned to steel 
in the great magnetic field 
When he travelled time 
for the future of mankind 

Nobody wants him 
He just stares at the world 
Planning his vengeance 
that he will soon unfurl 

Now the time is here 
for Iron Man to spread fear 
Vengeance from the grave 
Kills the people he once saved 

C#5 B5 G#5 (5x)     
 Nobody wants him 
They just turn their heads 
Nobody helps him 
Now he has his revenge 

Heavy boots of lead 
fills his victims full of dread 
Running as fast as they can 
Iron Man lives again! 


G5 A5 D5 (abafando) 


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