Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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(Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

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Verse 1: 
She's a reckless lover with blood stained hands 
            E                     F# 
'round the neck of her, helpless man 
She's the midnight silence, an outbound train 
            E              F# 
She's the glory of fallen names 

F# F# Aya, Aya F# E We're alone E F# There's no room here anymore F# F# Aya, Aya F# E We're alone E F# And there's no room here anymore
Verse 2: F# She's a patient killer, a timeless hand E F# The choke of the falling sands F# She's a proven saint with a witche's tongue E F# The gods of war at her command Bridge: C# A E Sweet Aya bring it on E B C# I wanna kiss you till they're gone C# A E Sweet Aya bring it on E B F# I wanna kiss you till they're gone F# E Till they're all gone Chorus x1 Solo over Verse:
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e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-5b6----5b6br-5b6br-5b6br--2----5b6br--2----5b6br-5b6br-5b6br--------------| D|-----------------------------4-----------2--------------------4------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-5b6--5b6---5b6br-5b6br-5b6br--2-----5-5b6br------5b6br-5b6br--2-----------| D|---------------------------------4------------2------------------4---------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 3 F# She's the broken shadows on the fallen walls E F# With no master there's no call F# She's the faithful silence that visits all E F# With no mercy, no remorse Chorus x1 Bridge x1 Chorus x2

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