I'm Gonna Be


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I'm Gonna Be

Capo on 3rd fret

Em                           C        G       D 
Feeling like i'm gonna jump, so high,so high,damn high. 

Em                 C               G             D 
gonna be so happy, i'm gonna fly, i'm gonna fly, yeah fly. 

Em                            C                          G           D 
but when the evil devel coms, no one know's who he is... who he it me? 

Em                                  C                       G     D 
he is dressed up like an lil'angel, dussend know what he is like, he is like the devil. 

Instrumental: C G D Em (2x) 

Em                     C                G                 D 
i'm gonna be so happy, i'm gonna shine, i'm gonna shine, shine... 

Em                      C              G             D            
i'm gonna be so happy, i'm gonna try, i'm gonna try, yeah try... 
Em C G D (2x) 

C G D Em (3x) 

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