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On Moonlight Bay Chords

Bing Crosby

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On Moonlight Bay

	  A7      Em7/9   A7/9  D    G    D            
We were    sailing   along       
   Em7 Gdim   D    G     D 
On Moonlight Bay; 
D        Cdim     Fdim   Em7/9  A7    Em7                  
We could hear the voices ringing;     
     A7sus4 A7/13   D   Fdim  A 
They seemed   to    say, 
A7        Em7/9  A7/13   D    G    D                 
You have stolen   her   heart     
    Em7   Gdim   D     G     D 
Now don't  go  'way 
Gdim  D   A         Bm5-/7       A                     
 As   we sang love's old sweet song  
   Em7  A7/13  D 
On Moonlight Bay. 

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