Billy Ray Cyrus

Trail Of Tears

Billy Ray Cyrus

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Trail Of Tears

Year: 1996 - Album: The Definitive Collection

Capo on 1st fret
	  		Trail of Tears 
Billy Ray Cyrus 
Written by Billy Ray Cyrus 
C Too many broken F pro-mis-{C} es 
Too many trail of G7 tears 
Too many C times you were left F cold 
For G7 oh so many C years. 
Too many times you walked away 
And was made to feel ashamed 
And though you only tried to give 
You were often blamed. 
How can this world be so dark 
So unfair and so untrue 
How did the cards of life 
Fold right on top of you 
God in heaven, hear my prayer 
If you are still above 
Send the children hopes and dreams 
And lots and lots of love. 
For F this I only ask of you to C conquer all their fears 
And let them soar like eagles G7 across the trail of C tears. 


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