Billy Ray Cyrus

Hope Is Just Ahead

Billy Ray Cyrus

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Hope Is Just Ahead

	  		Intro: D  

                      D            D7                             G 
I wondered why I had    the blues,     so I turned on the evening  news 
                             A                                                         D 
Children runnin' from their    school, because of some damn fool had no morals he must   prove 

                 D              D7                       G 
Another kid laid   in the blood,   another town drowned     in the flood 
                       A                                                                         D 
Just a tragic trail of    tears, lessons not learned through the years, heaven save us from our     fears 

D Hope is just ahead, sorrows just behind us A D From what the good book says, "The truth will never find us" D/E D/F# G G/A Bm Who's to say what we shall find, I guess the proof for sure in time A D Today, let's keep the dreamer's faith, surely hope is just ahead
Solo: D D G G A A D D D D G G Yeah, you gotta believe, gotta keep your faith A A D D Get down on your knees you gotta believe D D7 G People fightin' in the streets, millions with no food to eat A D How much longer can we last, if we learn nothing from our past, these are the questions that I ask (Refrão) Final: A (D) Today, let's keep the dreamer's faith, surely hope is just ahead

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