Billy Ray Cyrus

Burn Down The Trailer Park

Billy Ray Cyrus



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Burn Down The Trailer Park

	  		Intro: (D5) (E5) (E5) (D5) (E5) (E5) 

(D5) I (E5) borrowed some money, I sold my car 
I set an airstream trailor up on blocks. 
That (D5) satellite dish was my first mistake, 
She started (E5) watchin' Oprah Winifrey and Rikki Lake. 
(D5) (E5) She cut me down to once a week, 
At supper time there wasn't nothing to eat. 
I was (D5) paranoid and scared to death, 
She came (E5) home with Aqua Velva on her breath. 

  (A) Burn down the trailer park 
  (D) Shoot the pink flamingoes out in the (A) yard. 
  I can't live here since she (D) broke my heart,  
  I'm gonna (A) burn down the (E) trailer (A) park.  

(D5) (E5) She hired the neigbor's son to cut our grass,  
She gave him cold iced tea and a piece of pie. 
My (D5) landlord came while I was out of town,  
Our (E5) pipes got fixed and the rent went down. 
(D5) (E5) I fell asleep with the Late Show on, 
Now it's 3 a. m., I wake up and she's gone. 
I've got a (D5) strong suspicion she's at it again, 
But since (E5) I don't know which trailer she's in... 



(D5) (E5) (no chord) Jenny Jones don't understand, 
(D5) (E5) (no chord) Geraldo don't understand, 
(D5) (E5) (no chord) Maury Povich sure don't understand  
I got a (E) can of gas and I'm a dangerous man 


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