Billy Idol

Cradle Of Love (intro)

Billy Idol

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Cradle Of Love (intro)

(David Werner / Billy Idol)

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intro e-------------------------------------------------- b-------------------------------------------------- g-------------------------------------------------- d-------------------------------------------------- a--0~-0-3-3-0--------5-4---5-4----0-3-3-0---------- e-------------3-4-5~-----5-----5~---------3-4-5----
Chorus A Well Rock the cradle of love Rock the cradle of love F#m E F#m E Yes the cradle of love don?t rock easily it?s true A Well rock the cradle of love I rocked the cradle of love F#m E F#m E Yes the cradle of love don?t rock easily it?s true VERSES ARE THE SAME CHORDS A F#m E F#m E
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Ending e-----0----------5--2-- b--------2----3--3--3-- g--2--2--2------------- d---------------------- a---------------------- e----------------------
fades out after a couple times of playing that^

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