Billy Fury

Lazy Life

Billy Fury

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Lazy Life

Capo on 1st fret

       C                Dm     G 
Little children playing in the park 
         F             G                C 
Catching butterflies before it gets too dark 
C                      Dm    G 
Picking chestnuts in a shady wood 
         F                G                 C 
With the one you love, it makes you feel so good 

Listen I know 
The pace is kinda slow 
             F          G      C     - Am 
But it's the kinda lazy life I love 
         F          G      C  
It's the kinda lazy life I love 

Sitting fishing from a wooden bridge 
Watching ducks as they try to catch the fish 
Peace at last, I think I found my place 
Oh I love this life and I'm a happy face 


Em                           Bm 
No, no you wont believe it's true 
Em                                   Bm - F - G 
So go and find out for yourself, yes do 

REPEAT verse 1 

(So, lazy, Oh so lazy) 

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