Billy Currington

Ain't What It Used To Be

Billy Currington

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Ain't What It Used To Be

Capo on 2nd fret
	  		nd fret 
Intro: G  Am  C  G (2x) 
  G                    Am 
That backward town, in my rearview 
  C                    G 
Was gonna be my whole world 
  G                      Am 
Til my factory job, got shipped to Mexico 
  C                           G 
And a city boy stole my sweet girl 
  G                      Am 
I used to know everybody by name 
  C                  G 
Everybody's moved away 
  G                          Am 
Can't say that I'm really wantin' to go 
         C                     G 
But I've run out of reasons to stay 

G D Am C This ain't nothin' like what I, Am D G had in mind for me G D Am C Then again my future, Am D G Ain't what it used to be
G Am Well I thought like my dad, and his daddy before C G That I would die where I was born G Am Live a smalltown dream in a big backyard C G Raisin' babies and corn G Am Now here I am, one eye on the road C G Tryin' to read the map on the dash G Am Nowhere close to making up my mind C G With a fork in the road comin' fast (chorus 2x) G (one strum) Am (one strum) That backward town, in my rear view (pick) C D G Was gonna be my whole world Outro: G Am C G (play to fade)

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