Billy Crash Craddock

I Cheated On A Good Womans Love

Billy Crash Craddock

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I Cheated On A Good Womans Love

Gather round I'm gonna tell a story 
       C                               G 
That I hope will teach a lesson to you all 

I'll lay it out so there won't be a doubt 
C                                G     
How I brought my kingdom to it's fall 

Cause I've cheated on a good woman's love 
I didn't know it would turn out this way 
Lesson one is when you start stepping out 
          D7                    G 
You gotta start learning how to pay 

I paid the price by lying to the ones 
     C                           G 
That deep inside I knew I needed most 

I lied and then I went and lied again 
C                                     G 
Now in my dreams I'm haunted by these ghosts 

When she found out I was just about to tell her 
    C                     G 
All about the evils of my ways 

But it's too late cause when I say I love her 
C                                 G 
She don't believe a single word I say 

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