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The Boy Is Gone Chords

Billy Bob Thornton

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The Boy Is Gone

  		INTRO: Am  G  Am  G  Am  G  C  Em 

Am           G 
They say you can't go home 
Am             G 
God knows I've tried 
Am             G                 C     Em 
Seems that I'm all alone by your side 
Am                G 
Where the perfect picture hung 
Am              G 
Is just a dusty wall 
Am                   G              C    Em 
Words that have been sung I can't recall 

Am              F                C 
His voice still echoes off these walls 
             G        G/B      Am 
Where he was born and where he passed 
  F                        D                   G 
A haunted soul will always mourn, and his will last 
           Am-G-F-G-C  Csus4  C 
The boy is gone 


Am      G 
I saw myself in him 
Am           G 
I've lost my sight 
Am        G                 C     Em 
His sweet shadow dimmed our light 
Am       G 
Memories creep thru me 
Am           G 
Like flaming vines 
Am              G         C     Em 
And now we're a memory in time 


BREAK: Am  F  Am  G  Am  F-G-C  Csus4  C  Em 


OUTRO: Am  G  Am  G  Am  G  Am-G-F-G-C

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