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You Better Go Now Chords

Billie Holiday

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You Better Go Now

Year: 1995 - Album: Billie Holiday's Greatest Hits (Decca)

( Irving Graham and S. Bickley Reichner)


 A  A9 A4/7  D9  D   Bm7     
You better   go now      
   A7      D9   D           Gdim 
Because I like you much too much 
     B7    Em7       A7 
You have a way with you 
 A  A9   A4/7   D9   D   Bm7     
You ought  to  know now      
      A7    D9   D       Gdim 
Just why I like you very much 
     B7       Em7       A7 
The night was gay with you 
 Em7/9   A4/7     D     A7 
There's   a     moon  above 
       Em7       Bm7            F#7         
And it gives my heart a lot of swing 
Em7/9  A4/7      D             A7 
In    your   eyes, there's love 
Bm7           F#m      Em7      A7 
And the way I feel it must be spring. 
A   A9 A4/7   D9  D   Bm7     
I  want you   so now  
    A7       D9      D      Gdim 
You have the lips I love to touch 
     B7    Em7    A7 
You better go now 
    Edim   Dm7    B7       
You better go, because  
G6  D6/9/F#  Em7 Edim  D 
I like  you    much  too much 

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