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Capo: Third fret (cejilla/capo en el tercer traste) 

Intro: (C   Em)x2 

C                      Em         
Watching mama lying in bed  
C         Em        
With a morphine sheet  
C                  Em 
She's got the color of the rain  
C           Em 
And electric dreams  
C         Em 
all forgiven  
C                   Em 
Ooooo!! Nothing to complain  

F                 Em        G 
Your love is with me endlessly  
Let's have a good time 
Wrap your bones with a suit  
Back to the 80's fashion feel  
Feed a sparrow without wings  
Talking elves sentences  
On your marks oooo!! It's injury time  

Your love is with me endlessly  
Let's have a good time  

Like an unfinshed song you dance  
While your feet are getting old  
There will be a tomorrow  
When the heart's lfire turns off  
This day  
Will not return  

Your love is with me endlessly  
Let's have a good time 

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