Big Time Rush

This Is Our Someday

Big Time Rush

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This Is Our Someday

(Big Time Rush)


Em                 C 
   Oh, oh, oh, oh	   Oh, oh, oh, oh 
Em                                   C 
(Hey yeah) Oh, oh, oh, oh (Yeah yeah) Oh, oh, oh, oh 

(VERSE 1) 

When everyday feels like the other 
And everywhere looks just the same 
When every dream seems like forever 
And you're a face without a name 


Maybe now is our best chance (best chance) 
To finally get it right (get it right) 
Cause if the world is an apple (oh yeah) 
Then it's time to take a bite 

G Someday it'll come together D Someday we will work it out Em C I know, we can turn it up all the way C G Cause this is our Someday (G) Is what we make it D Someday is right here and now Em Why wait, why wait, why wait? C Cause this is our someday
(INTRO) (VERSE 2) Em We all have times, times we wonder C Will the spotlight shine on me? Em Don't let waves go and pull us under C We'll miss the opportunity (oh oh) Am Don't look down or look back (look back) It's not that far to go Cause if we never trap it C We will never really know (CHORUS) (BRIDGE) D Em Oh, no C G I don't have all the answers D Em But there is one thing C G I know for sure , yeah! D Em One is good C G But four is better Am It took some time to get here C But it's better late than never! (CHORUS 2x)

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