Beyonce Knowles

Flaws And All

Beyonce Knowles

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Flaws And All

	  		Am       A7                    Dm  Am 
I'm a train wreck in the morning 
        A7                    Dm  Am 
I'm a bitch in the afternoon 
        A7                    Dm  Am 
Every now and then without warning 
        A7                    Dm  Am 
I can be really mean towards you 
        A7           Dm  Am 
I'm a puzzle yes indeed 
        A7               Dm 
Ever-complex in every waaay 
And all the pieces aren't 
even in the box 
And yet, you see the picture clear as day 

I don't know why you love me 

And that's why I love you 

You catch me when I fall 
Accept me flaws and all 
And that's why I love you 

And that's why I looove you 

And that's why I looooooove (hmm) 

Verse 2: TUdo igual à primeira parte 

I neglect you when I'm working (ha ha 
When I need a attention 
I tend to nag (oh oh ha uhn) 
I'm a host of imperfection (ha ha ha uhn) 
And you see past all that (hm hm uhn 
I'm a peasant by some standards (ha ha 
But in yo eyes I'm a queen (oh oh ha uhn) 
You see potential in all my flaws (ha ha 
And that's exactly what I mean 

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