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Theres No Other Name

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Theres No Other Name

Written by Francesca Battistelli/Brian Johnson/Hannah McClure/Paul McClure

Capo on 1st fret
Capo on 1 

Intro: C     G     D/F#     Em  (x2) 

verse 1 

Em          C                   G      D/F# 
Your sing moves and shakes the ground 

Em                   C               G      D/F# 
You beckon brings the rain in drought 

Em                  C            G      D/F# 
Your glory spins the earth around 

Em                     C              G      D/F# 
Your whisper makes Your fire fall down 


Am         G/B       C 
There's no other name 

Am             G/B    C           D 
The name that stands through the ages 

G There is no other name C Em There is no other name like Yours, Jesus C Like Yours, Jesus (x2)
Instrumental Em C G D/F# verse 2 Em C G D/F# Your word commands the winds and waves Em C G D/F# Your touch revives the sick and lame Em C G D/F# Your power wakes the dead again Em C G D/F# Your love destroys the grip of sin Instrumental before Bridge G C G/C C Bridge G All generations C Will sing of Your goodness G/B C All generations will know Your name G All glory and honor C Will be Yours forever G/B C All glory and honor, we give to Your name

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