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Bethel Music

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by robepoiel

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 Bb                Cm 
  Unreserved, unre strained 
Gm                                  Eb 
  Your love is wild, Your love is wild for me 
Bb                        Cm 
  It isn?t shy, It?s una shamed 
Gm                                      Bb 
  Your love is proud, to be seen with me 
to be seen with me 

Bb Eb Bb F You don?t give Your heart in pieces Gm Eb Bb F You don?t hide Yourself to tease us
Bridge Cm Your love?s not fractured Gm It?s not a troubled mind Bb It isn?t anxious F It?s not the restless kind Cm Your love?s not passive Gm It?s never disengaged Bb It?s always present F It hangs on every word we say Cm Love keeps its promises Gm It keeps its word Bb It honors what?s sacred F ?Cause its vows are good Cm Your love?s not broken Gm It?s not insecure Bb Your love?s not selfish F Your love is pure (alternate chords)
Gm Eb Bb F You don?t give Your heart in pieces Gm Eb Bb F You don?t give Your heart in pieces

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