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Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by hugo%5Frodrigues

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Intro: C G# Fm C x2  

verse 1: 
F           C                 Am 
Come let us see our Lord and King 
He's reigning in glory 
F              C                   Am 
Lift up your eyes, all earth and skies  
His kingdom is coming 

Pre Chorus: 
Am          C 
From glory to glory 
F          G# 
We will arrive 

C F We will ascend the hill of the Lord Am F We will declare His holy word Am F With clean hands and pure hearts C G With clean hands and pure hearts C We will see God
verse 2: F C Am We fix our eyes, we give our lives G Our hope is in Heaven F C Am So let us run, we have overcome G Now and forever Bridge: Am G# C When we see Him we?ll be like Him Bb F C Face to face we'll know what love is (Last time before Chorus G#)

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