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There Is A Name

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There Is A Name


verse 1 

There is a name 
   F                  C 
It rains without contention 
   F                          C              G 
Whose power can?t be questioned or contained 
With humble fame 
   F                   C 
He rules the earth and heavens 
   F                    C                   G 
His glory knows no measure or reframe 
   F                      C                     G 
And its bursting past the borderlines of space 
Chorus F C Jesus, enthroned upon the praises of our hearts F Am G Jesus, you?re the king and you?re the center of it all
verse 2 C There is a name F C Reaching past the margins F C G Calling sons and daughters back to him C And as he saves F C We hear the roar of Heaven F C G As prodigals and sinners sing again F C G We are prodigals and sinners sing again Outro F G Am C Bridge F G For every eye will see, and every heart will know Am C The grace that knows no end, The name of Jesus F G For every knee will bow, and every tongue confess Am C The reign that never ends, The name of Jesus

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