Bethany Dillon

Come Find Me

Bethany Dillon

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Come Find Me

	  		Bm			 Bb 
Why would I ever worship wood or stone? 
D/A			        E/G# 
Things that cannot hear or speak at all 
Bm				  Bb 
Why would I want something that I can control? 
    D/A		                  E/G# 
When I can't even trust myself to fall 

      Bm		           Bb 
I was following a cloud of fire and smoke 
        D/A		       E/G# 
But my heart was too weak to understand 
      Bm			     Bb 
So I built an image with my fear and with my gold 
D/A		         E/G#      G 
Now I'm reaching out for Your hand 

D G Come find me, come find me Bm Bb (G) I'll be waiting for You to rescue me D G Come find me, come find me Bm Bb I'll be waiting for You to rescue me
Bm Bb Don't leave me when I feel like it's impossible D/A E/G# When I feel my inability bleed through Bm Bb Rip the veil between what I see and what is real D/A E/G# G Let this fire in my heart be proof Refro G Gm D F# G Bm My faith feels like a furnace of loneliness, my rescue is invisible for now G Gm D But I can't seem to shake this hope so dangerous Em F#m Gm I will love and follow You, unseen God Refro

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