Bertie Higgins

Jamaica Me Crazy

Bertie Higgins

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Jamaica Me Crazy


Intro:   E    A   |   B     E    C#m      A   |  B  |  B7  |  E 

E                   A            B                   E              C#m 
Gonna take another red strip?     Gonna think about getting? right 
       A                         B             B7    
But I forgot to think about the moonlight and you. 
B7                A          B                 E        C#m 
A reckless island romance?    A sudden summer sun dance 
   A                B                B7            E                      
A Caribbean take a chance that just couldn?t come true. 

E A B E C#m But Jamaica me crazy? Jamaica me wild? C#m A B B7 Jamaica me coconuts? Jamaica me smile B7 A B E C#m Jamaica me crazy? Crazy as a loon C#m A B B7 E E-E Jamaica me crazy, how you amaze me? hope you come back soon.
E A B E C#m Hung out on the new beach? Paradise within my reach A B B7 But those hot brown bodies look like cold corn fritters to me B7 A B E C#m The waders here? I guess they?re beautiful A B B7 E But nothin? holds a candle to you in my dreams or real (Chorus) Instrumental + Sax lead (Chorus) oh! (Chorus) Fade out on last line

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