Bert Kaempfert

My Love For You Chords

Bert Kaempfert

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My Love For You

(Johnson Woodrow, Buddy)

Intro: D A G F#m B Em Em7+ Gm  

D              A  
My love for you  
    G                        F#m                 B  
Is deep and endless as        the sea  
  Em          Em7+         Gm  
Strong and mighty as a tree  
A               F#m   Bm  Em  A7  
My love for you 
D            A   
My eager heart  
          G                             F#m     B  
Keeps beating just  for you alone  
Em                                Gm  
Since the moment it has known  
A          D             G  D        
My love for you. 
              D7      Am      D  
There will be no other    lips, 
No other arms 
     Am       D           G  
No other     love for   me  
Feeling as I do  
                A             Em A7  
How could there be 
       D           A  
And so it will be  
G                 F#m     B  
For the arm eternity  
Em                    Gm  
Ever faithful, ever true  
A                   D  
My love for you 

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