Bernardo Guimarães Filho

The Big Love Chords

Bernardo Guimarães Filho

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by lucicamargo

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The Big Love

E			B 
Against every bad i am fighting 
B7			  E 
Against everything i am trying 
I feel my mind and body are so tired 
B7			     E 
I feel my arm and leg so so limp 

I think my feet and head are so together 
And i can´t move my eyes and mouth too 
And when i want to talk some words of love 
   B7			    E 
I stay confuse and static again 


       F#m			     B 
(1)my thinking is going to the milk way 
My soul is going to the paradise 
   F#m				   B 
My heart is beating fast and very happy 
   B7				      E 
I think i found a reason and a  good way 
(2)one thing i believe be very strong 
The bigger power of the universe 
This bigger is so important as the world 
    B7			      E 
I tell you that it´ the big love 

2º solo 
	 F#m			       B 
(1) my thinking is going to the milk way...... 
(2)one think i believe is very strong......... 
	F	G	G7 
One thing i believe is very strong 
The bigger power of the universe........(2x) 

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