Bernard Bolan

Send The City Sunshine

Bernard Bolan

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Send The City Sunshine


Intro: Cm     Cm/Bb    Cm/G     F     Bb 

     Cm             Cm/Bb           F 
And at the end they asked him if he thought it quite the thing, 
    Cm             Cm/Bb           Bb 
For bankers to pen ballads, or for city men to sing, 
    Cm            Cm/Bb         F 
For city men have rules and regulations to obey, 
      Bb                            Eb 
Their coats of many colours are predominantly grey. 

        Cm                                Bb 
But, because his day was ending, he could give a straight reply, 
      Gb                                   Db                  F 
So he said he thought that city men should learn to laugh and cry, 
    Gm                                       C 
And let the light that shines their night illuminate the day, 
    F                                 Bb 
And since he could not sing for them, surely he could pray. 

   Eb                G             Cm    Cm/Bb 
So Lord you'd better send the city sunshine, 
        F                             Bb 
So that city men can see the light of day, 
           Eb                G 
Though the neon signs still shimmer, 
    Cm               Abm       Bb 
Yet somehow it seems dimmer today. 

    Cm            Cm/Bb              F 
But when the city heard him sing its children weren???t impressed. 
     Cm            Cm/Bb            Bb 
They said our aged colleague now is surely past his best, 
       Cm            Cm/Bb          F 
For in city days and city ways it???s known we should hold dear, 
    Bb                                     Eb 
Not those we choose, but those we use, and those that buy us beer. 

   Cm                              Bb 
To work we give each day we live until the day we die, 
         Gb                                 Db            F 
And only madmen think of laughter, and only weak men ever cry. 
        Gm                                    C 
And the young must prove how unlike him their fires have not gone cold, 
    F                         Bb 
By steadily becoming far more pompous than the old. 

   Eb                G             Cm    Cm/Bb 
So Lord you'd better send the city sunshine, 
        F                                      Bb 
So that city men night know the night from the day, 
           Eb               G 
Though the market's looking flatter, 
   Cm              Abm       Bb 
It doesn???t seem to matter today. 

        Cm                                   Bb 
But his prayer for them was not yet done for then they heard him say, 
         Gb                             C                   F 
May they tread a little gentle on their journey through the day, 
    Gm                                   Cm 
And learn that when their men so full of life begin to die, 
   F                                    Bb 
It starts when men of laughter lose the twinkle from their eye. 

   Eb                G             Cm    Cm/Bb 
So Lord you'd better send the city sunshine, 
        F                                Bb 
So that city men might see to find their way. 
       Cm             G 
In the city bells are ringing, 
     Cm            Abm        Bb 
Then why is no one singing today. 

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