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Don't Go Slow Chords

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by adalgomes

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Don't Go Slow


Verse 1: 

 E    B    A                   B              E 
Don't go slow, list all the things that you need 
 E    B    A                   B             E 
Love and heat, runs from your head to your feet 
 E    B    A                       B           E 
I saw you first, in the car on the way to the lake 
 E     B    A      
Catch you there 

C#m B A If my bones were wrapped around you C#m B A My skin was right in front of you C#m B A And you smile and close your eyes C#m B A I'm yours, tonight
Verse 2: E B A B E If you stay, I promised to keep you alive E B A For all these days E B A B E When you fell, like a feather from out of a plane E B A You've got time Chorus (2x) end with: C#m B A I'm yours, tonight

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