Ben Gibbard

Such Great Heights

Ben Gibbard

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Such Great Heights

	  		G		        D 
I am thinking it's a sign 
That the freckles in our eyes 

Are mirror images 
      C					G 
And when we kiss they're perfectly aligned. 

G		   D 
And I have to speculate 
That God Himself did make 
Us into corresponding shapes 
Like puzzle pieces from the clay. 

G				D 
And true it may seem like a stretch 
But it's thoughts like this that catch 
My troubled head when you're away 
And when I am missing you to death. 

G                                  D 
And when you are out there on the road 
For several weeks of shows 
And when you scan the radio 
I hope this song will guide you home. 

G D They will see us waving from such great heights Am G "Come down now" they'll say G D But everything looks perfect from far away Am G "Come down now" but we'll stay
G D I tried my best to leave Am This all on your machine C But the persistent beat G It sounded thin upon the sending. G D And that frankly will not fly Am You'll hear the shrillest highs C And lowest lows with the windows down G And this is guiding you home.

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