Ben Gibbard

Dream Song

Ben Gibbard

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Dream Song

Capo on 3rd fret

Em C G A 
Em C G G 

Verse 1:
Em                   C 
He's been waking all through the night 
G                    A 
Pacing around in the moonlight 
  Em                            C         G G 
Because these same dreams won't let him be 

     Em                 C 
The cameras photographs everything 
     G                 A 
That he's been burying down beneath 
     Em                    C         G G 
And show him what he don't wanna see 

He counts the hours creeping by 
His thoughts racing, eyes stuck open wide 
            C                                 G    B7  
Tossing and turning through the night, oh the night 

Verse 2:
Em                         C 
He has this one where he's being pursued 
G                  A 
By every woman he ever knew 
Em                    C              G G 
But at first grasp he wakes and gasps 

   Em                       C 
He watches her laying there sound asleep 
G                         A 
Wonders who's chasing her through her dreams 
    Em                 C             G G 
And when they do if it scares her too 


C And oh how he needs to get some sleep A But who waits down there so deep Em B7 Leaves him shaking him at the knees, it seEms
- aaah-Part - C A B7 B7 C Em A B7 Solo: Em C G A Em C G G Bridge Chorus Em Oh oh oh oh...

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