I Was Born In The 80's


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I Was Born In The 80's

Intro: D Em C 

Verso 1:
I was just a boy 
          Em                 C 
Couldn't afford most of the toys 
so we just hanged out in the streets 
                Em                         C 
'Girl, I don't dance, I just do the beats.' 

Industrial neighborhood 
           Em               C 
I lived my life the way I could 
my house was all painted in green 
        Em                  C 
I can't forget most of the scenes 

because I'm getting old! 
          D             C 
I'm not a kid anymore 
I'm getting old 
          D             C ( C ) 
I'm not a kid anymore 

G I was born in the 80's D/F# that's why I sing this song Em7 my memories are faded C but they aren't gone G well I was born in the 80's D/F# and I miss them too Em7 I don't get totally crazy C only because of you
( D Em C ) D I had a bike Em C I had a dog, his name was spike D we used to play ball all night long Em C we used to play hair metal songs D I bought a guitar Em C my tunes have taken me so far D I can't remember most of the nights Em C 'cause of the vodka, lime and ice (Ponte) (Refrão)

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