Bee Gees

How To Fall In Love

Bee Gees

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How To Fall In Love

I got a bad sensation The enemy is all around 
     G                                          D4 
The traces of my naked heart Are laid upon the ground 
     D                                         Bm 
I suffered side effects That might have been forever 
              F#m            Bm 
Even in my dreams And I was left alone to pray 
When there was no one in the way 
       D                     D9 D 
And nothin' what it seemed 
And from a hard time, play time 

Took a trip around the world 
Made myself invisible 
The taste was in the wine 
And just when the thought of someone 
Needing me forever 
I don't believe the words are true 
That only she could be my savior 

Experience is not enough 
I'll show you how to fall in love 

She said experience is not enough 

I'll show you how to fall in love 

And she's all alone with me 
 A/C#  Bm 
Every night 
And lighting all my days of sorrow 
On my own 
If there was any more to give 
      D                             D9 D 
You know I'd sacrifice it for her 

And in the prime of my life 
I was blessed and I was sent 
Someone sweet and innocent 
And nervous when she kissed 
And in the face of my 
Forbidden fruit forever 
Miracles are mine 
And knowing I'm the first 
In her secret universe 
There's no sense of space and time 
You take a small town, young girl 
Someone warm and wonderful 
That any man would understand 
That love is like the wind 
Something deep inside to give you 
And when the words get in the way 
The only thing you need is silence 
Experience is not enough 
I'll show you how to fall in love 
She said experience is not enough 
I'll show you how to fall in love 

Solo:  D A/C# Bm  F#m G Bm 

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