Barlow girl

Song For The Broken

Barlow girl

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Song For The Broken

	  		Standard Tuning 

E(no3)      Cmaj7 
I am the comfortable secure 
   E(no3)        Cmaj7   
Definition of this western world 
   E(no3)         Cmaj7   A2(no3) 
And I have perfected deceit 
     E(no3)        Cmaj7 A2(no3) 
Even I believe I'm above saving 
E(no3)  Cmaj7  A2(no3) 
          E(no3) G(No3) C(no3) 
I'll never  

Let You see 

Em G C(no3) Am Em I am the bro-ken G C(no3) Am I am the bruised Em G C(no3) Am Em I am the poor ones G C(no3) Am I have been used.
Emx2 E(no3) Cmaj7 Am7 It takes me falling to the ground Em Fmaj7 C D Em To admit to fully needing You C Am7 Then when I am breathing my last breath Em Fmaj7 C D E(no3) G(No3) C(no3) "Come and save me" I will cry to You E(no3) G(No3) C(no3) 'Cause pride has not Let me say
E(no3) C Am7 Em Why does it take so much to bring me to my knees, C Am7 Em Why does it take so much pain for me to see? C Am7 Em If strength is only found when I am on my knees, C Am7 Em Why is it so hard to show that I am weak?
Yeah E(no3) Em Chorus E(no3) x3 Em

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